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In March our staff participated in a retreat moderated by J.C. Faulk, MSOD, the founder of Circles of Voices, LLC, a diversity and inclusion consulting firm. Faulk led our team in exercises around communication, culture awareness, and team building.

The retreat was held off site where we could create a safe space for us to share and listen to each other without judgement. Our objective was to lay the foundation to build work structures based on positive relationships. Through listening and sharing exercises, we learned how to better communicate with each other. One on one activities allowed us to share with someone and step outside our comfort zone.

Retreats such as this are necessary to help us achieve lasting growth and change for WHC. When our team communicates and works at its best, we are better able to serve our residents and our community. We walked away from the retreat with a renewed commitment to the work we do and the residents we serve.

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