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Donate to Women’s Housing Coalition

The work we do here, our services, puts the floor beneath the feet of individuals who have lived with instability for far too long. Having a home begins the process of housing and health stability. Before coming into our program, all of our residents had been living out on the streets, in abandoned buildings, in a shelter, or in a car. All of them have had to deal with a diagnosed disability. They’ve experienced abuse, addiction, mental health illness, neglect, and/or trauma.  Things not even the most connected and financially stable among us could overcome without help.

At the WHC, it takes about $15,000 a year to house, rebuild trust, and deliver the social work, mental health and physical health resources to help each individual here regain their foothold on life.

Please click the link below to go to our secure online donation portal to help our residents regain their foothold on life.