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Who we are

The Women’s Housing Coalition supports families and individuals with permanent and affordable, service enriched housing. We are dedicated to breaking the cycle of homelessness for those we serve by providing affordable housing and supportive services to enable them to achieve and sustain social and financial stability.

The WHC serves formerly homeless, low-income individuals with disabilities and families.  In addition to housing, WHC services include case management, resident advocacy, and life skills training.  Services are tailored to meet the needs of each individual or family and are based on their specific situations and goals.

Our History

The idea for the Women’s Housing Coalition was started in 1979 by a group of women who were distressed by the number of women in Baltimore City with no home or support network. By 1980, this group of women officially formed a nonprofit and began finding buildings where women experiencing homelessness could go to have a chance at a fresh start.

In 1990, WHC opened Maryland’s first transitional housing single room occupancy (SRO) project for those experiencing homelessness. This then evolved into a permanent housing facility for homeless women. This residence, the Calverton, still serves women and is owned and operated by WHC today.

The Integration of Housing and Supportive Services

The WHC’s objective is to provide those experiencing homelessness with a range of housing options and opportunities in order to maximize their chances of future stability and self-sufficiency.  The quality of the housing and services provided to our program participants is central to their success.  Individuals respond directly to the value of the resources being invested in them.  Self-esteem is a crucial component to success for those in our programs.  A quality living environment operated with respect and dignity says a lot about how we view our residents and allows them to take a similar view of themselves and their potential.

Poverty, homelessness, addiction and mental illness, alone or together, can place enormous barriers in the paths of both adults and their children.  The WHC believes that the best response to such barriers is permanent housing combined with the targeted supportive services that help our residents stay on the path of personal development and growth.

How You Can Get Involved

Call (410) 235-5782 or click here to Donate Or Contact Us to get Involved

Become a Volunteer!

The WHC welcomes all types of volunteers.  Whether you have a special skill you’d like to teach our residents to aid in their self-sufficiency or are a corporation that is community-minded, we want you!  Learn more about Volunteering at WHC

Sponsor an Event

Sponsoring a WHC event is a wonderful opportunity to show your support for the mission of the WHC, while at the same time, letting the community know as well. Learn more about becoming a WHC Sponsor.


By making a tax-deductible donation to WHC, you are supporting residents to maximize their self-sufficiency goals.