The History of the Kitchen Party

November 2, 2009

When you have a gathering in your home, what room in the house is the one where people first congregate, and then come back to time and time again?  The kitchen, of course!  It may be a tiny kitchen or a large one, but there is something about a kitchen that encourages lots of people to come together.  Often there are more people than one kitchen can hold.

The Women's Housing Coalition’s Kitchen Party was conceived by a group of women associated with the WHC 15 years ago who were sitting around a kitchen table brainstorming ideas on fun ways to raise money for the organization.  They thought that kitchens were warm and inviting places, with good smells and promises of something even better to come.  They wondered what might happen if there could actually be a party that resembled a kitchen, where people could eat, talk and unwind.

The first Kitchen Parties to benefit the WHC were held at the Museum of Industry and the Baltimore Museum of Art.  Chefs from around Baltimore offered their favorite dishes to guests.  Music was played and items were auctioned.   Over the years, the number of guests has grown from 100 to 400.  For many years after the original Kitchen Parties, it was moved to the Walters Art Gallery where it stayed until 2005, when it moved to the B& O Railroad Museum.  Corporate sponsors have increased, as have dollars raised.

Like a chef has a signature dish, the Kitchen Party is WHC’s signature fundraising event each year.  Watch our website for more information.

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