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Tangie’s Success Story

“I always believed that it was a generational curse; however, I’ve decided to break that cycle by becoming more in tune to who I am so that I can see a positive outcome within my own family.  I love who I am today, I now have peace within myself.”

Tangie was referred from Family Recovery Program last November and resides at one of our family homes.  She is a mother of four and has 19 months sobriety. She graduated from FRP in March 2011 with “Soldier of Sobriety” awards. Tangie is a Certified Nursing Assistant who recently renewed her license and has a goal to also become a Pharmacy Technician.  Tangie overcame many obstacles this year and is breaking down doors with a new and positive mind set.  She now understands her mental health better and is working hard to get her criminal background expunged.  These barriers challenged Tangie to work hard at being a positive role model for her children who are honor roll students.

She is determined to break that generational curse she believes she experienced as a child. She is very articulate and contributes whenever she’s needed.  Tangie constantly speaks of having a changed life and spirit and is now a proud volunteer working as a “hand specialist” at Boa local hospital. She makes patients at the hospital feel extra special by taking time to care for their hands and nails by giving manicures and massages.  She was specifically chosen for this position because of her personality. She displays a keen sense of humor, a good heart, and positive energy and the patients look forward to her visits.

Tangie’s long term goals are to safely prepare for self sufficiency and own a house big enough for her entire family.

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