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We are so thankful for our case managers and how they support our residents. Dr. Ernestine Brown, a.k.a. ‘Dr. Ernie B.’ Dr. Brown has been with the Women’s Housing Coalition (WHC) since June of 2014. She is holds a Doctorate of Ministry, Master of Divinity and Bachelors of Mental Health Administration. She has shown a passion for helping others in every aspect of her life, both professional and personal.

She provides case management services and support to individuals who were homeless who are managing various life challenges from mental illness to drug addiction, as well as ex-offenders. She meets with clients, performs a variety of assessments, and helps residents develop individual service plans. Dr. Brown also performs room inspections, safety, and security monitoring, oversees the property management, and helps residents’ access community-based services.

Dr. Brown’s career before WHC has been filled with advocacy and community outreach roles. She is the founder of the Sister to Sister, Heart to Heart Ministry. She sponsors workshops, conferences, and women’s retreats that bless many. Dr. Brown is also the Founder and Director of “The Source” a ministry to those who are in transition from any unhealthy lifestyle to a spiritually-based one. The Source provides resources and supportive living housing to persons who are in recovery and experiencing life transformation through a more robust spiritual life. This ministry touches the heart of those who have been abused, rejected, neglected, and thrown away. Additionally, Dr. Brown is the proud mother of three (3) Shaina, Craig, Jr., and Craig V. She has two granddaughters Ayanna and Shailyn.