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February is Black History Month. Here at WHC, we are celebrating the many amazing contributions and lives of black women. All month long, we will be highlighting some of these women on Facebook and Instagram as our #WomenCrushWednesday. We are celebrating women like Fannie Lou Hamer, who was a civil, women’s and voting rights activist, who fought for equality; women like Jane Bolin, who was the first African-American woman to graduate from Yale Law, the first to join the New York Bar Association, the first to join the New York City police department and the first to serve as a judge in the U.S.; and women like Juanita Jackson Mitchell, who was the first African American woman to practice law in Maryland.

Here at WHC, approximately 82% of our residents identify as black. It is important for us share their history and help them see that incredible things are possible. By highlighting these amazing women who look like them, we assist them in regaining a sense of self, a sense of pride, and a way to see their value in the community. We are blessed to highlight some of the well known and relatively unknown black women who have shaped our society. So look at each of our #WCW posts, take in a bit of history, and help us celebrate the difference the women we honor made in our communities and our world.