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Every Dollar Counts

“Coming here I believed that they saved my life because the path I was going down was not a good path, and here is teaching me how to be responsible and a productive member of society again.” —Leslie, WHC resident

These are not easy times we live in. On any given night, over 2,500 people in Baltimore City experience homelessness, and Baltimore is not alone. At least 1,416,908 people in the United States experienced homelessness at some point during 2017. Fellow humans who are struggling in poverty and experiencing homelessness are all around us.

On most days there’s a man who stands on our street corner, soliciting help. He politely holds his sign and gives a little head nod of resignation if you say you don’t have anything to give him. When we had our first snowfall of the season, really our first snow/sleet/rain of the season, the man was notably absent from the corner. I couldn’t help wondering where he was. Had he made it into one of the city’s emergency shelters? Was he huddled under a highway overpass trying to stay dry? Was there anyone there to help him? Because of your support, the Women’s Housing Coalition is there to help some of Baltimore’s most vulnerable citizens – women and children experiencing homelessness.

WHC residents have a safe, warm place to sleep each night. They don’t have to worry about whether or not they can get into an emergency shelter when it snows, or whether they will be safe if they fall asleep. They have a home with us. This is invaluable. As one of our residents, Geraldine, noted, “I didn’t realize how tense I was just going to and from a transitional shelter … here it’s just, you’re a normal human being. I think the best word to describe it is freedom. Freedom to be myself.”

Can you imagine not feeling like a normal human being? Because of your generous donations, we are able to provide housing and essential supportive services for our residents. Your generosity gives women like Lavonyer the potential to change their lives through a variety of onsite programming, activities, and case management.

 Lavonyer told us that with our supportive services, “You will be able to make amazing changes for yourself and grow.” Can you imagine your life had you not been given opportunities to change and grow? With your donation, we can continue offering housing and supportive services. For roughly $15,000 per person, we are able to house and provide supportive services for an entire year. $1,000 covers one parenting class for 10 families. For $100 we can provide a welcome basket to a new resident that includes basket, sheet set, towel set, laundry detergent, pillow, soap, and more. For $250 we can provide a month of case management for a resident. Any amount can help the lives of our residents. Be the difference for that one woman or child. Support the Women’s Housing Coalition this year.

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Beth Benner

Executive Director