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Here at WHC, we focus on engaging our residents in meaningful activities that will help promote good values and habits. One of the programs that we periodically engage our residents with is book club.

This month, residents have been reading “Same Kind Of Different As Me,” which is about a couple who forms a relationship with a homeless man who inspires them to save their struggling marriage.

Not only is this book inspiring for residents to read because of the positive themes that it has throughout, it also shows situations that are similar to what some of our residents experience and how these situations can be turned around.

In our book club, residents are invited to listen to the book on audio. This means that no matter what their reading level is, they can participate in the club and feel included. We get the unabridged versions of the book so that if a resident wants to read along with the audio, they can. If a participant sees words they don’t know, they can work through them while listening to the book.

We enjoy getting the opportunity to not only reinforce positive themes in our residents’ lives, but also provide a learning opportunity for those whose reading levels may not be as high as others.

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