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 If you are from Baltimore, it might not come as a shock when we say Baltimore’s public transportation system is lacking in many ways. Baltimore has only one subway line that runs from east to west and one rail line that runs from north to south. These two systems only intersect in one place, making it very hard to go from point A to B without having to make many stops and detours along the way.

The buses in Baltimore are another part of this problem. The time it takes to commute on buses directly impacts our residents here at WHC. We view three or more doctors appointments in one week as an “activity” because of the time it takes our residents to get to these appointments. One doctor’s appointment can take up most of a resident’s day because of public transportation.

The bus stops are not widely spread out and the routes are not adequate to transport those who need transportation. Not only that, but bus passes are a great expense ($68/month) to someone making minimum wage, who cannot afford extra expenses.

All of these issues leave Baltimore with a serious public transportation issue that strongly impacts those who need mobility most. For those who do not have a car and cannot afford to Uber everywhere, a well-oiled bus and subway system is necessary to get around. As a community, we need to raise our voices to the city of Baltimore to let them know that something must be done about public transportation.