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February is Black History month. Here at Women’s Housing Coalition, we are celebrating the many contributions of black females. On Facebook during February we have posted, and will continue to post on #WomenCrushWednesday (#WCW), black women that have made significant contributions to our society. Women such as Maya Angelou who was an American author and was honored with the Presidential Medal of Freedom. Women like Rosa Parks that defied convention, becoming “the mother of the freedom movement.” Women such as Soujourner Truth who was an abolitionist and women’s rights activist.

At Women’s Housing Coalition, we want to help women not only get back on their feet but, just as importantly, gain and re-gain their sense of self and sense of their value in the community. By highlighting the accomplishments of individuals that look like many of our residents, we are providing a way for them to see their value in our community. We are blessed to highlight some of the well known and relatively unknown black women who have shaped our society. So look at the posts each #WomenCrushWednesday and help us celebrate the contributions of black women in America.