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This past September, “Renters Week Of Action” was held in 45 cities across the country to raise awareness to the housing crisis that is taking place in the United States and right here in Baltimore.

55% of Baltimore residents spend 30-50% of their monthly income on housing. Even though there has been a surge of new housing/apartments across the city, the vast majority of this housing is luxury apartments that the average, working-class American cannot afford, let alone someone on food stamps.

Affordable housing is few and far between here in Baltimore. In fact, there is a shortage of about 7.4 million affordable houses for those in need nationwide.  

Renters Week Of Action not only raises awareness to this problem, it also calls on lawmakers to find a solution to this problem. Raise awareness about this problem by sharing this post with your friends and family! Let’s work together to put an end to the housing crisis.

More info on: Homesforall.org and The Baltimore Sun