Success Stories: Gwen

Gwen feels like she is a miracle child of God. It is now the year 2007 and she is still able to tell her story.

She is the child of 5 siblings the only one left alive. Gwen led a life of being in the drug game on the down low. She got high on crack and drank whatever made her feel good. She said being in Baltimore I had access to many different things because I knew a lot of people. She met her friend that was not one to mess with drugs so she had to keep the life she kept a secret.

Her friend had a job offer in Dover, Delaware and asked her if she wanted to go. Gwen agreed to go because this would give her a new start and an opportunity to get clean before her friend notice that she was addicted to drugs. The first few weeks she laid around the house being bored because she didn’t know anyone or know anywhere to get a fix. At this time alcohol became my best friend. It took some of the edge off of me wanting to get high. Her friend told her that she was tired of her laying around the house she needed to do something. So Gwen went out and got her license and began to keep the car and drive around while her friend was at work.

She decided to finally get a job and she did for a cleaning company working at night. Gwen found someone on her job that knew a dealer. This was her way of getting back into smoking crack. She could not refuse the opportunity to get high again.

So as time went by Gwen started smoking crack again after she got off work. Finally her friend caught the signs of what she was doing and confronted her about it. She said “since its so good let me try”. Gwen did not want to get her hooked because she knew how addicted it can be. Gwen was right after she tried it she was hooked. Now Gwen was mad that she enjoyed the drug but was happy she didn’t have to hide it anymore. As time went on they continued to get high Gwen more so than her friend.

One day her friend received a memo from her job that they would be doing random drug test so she had to stop and encouraged Gwen to stop too. Years had gone by and I was getting away with being a user but trying to hide it. She went to her supervisor telling her she needed help with her addiction. She enrolled into a 28 day treatment program. She learned a lot and saw that she wasn’t the only one suffering. Her supervisor told her that she would be randomly screened for drug use.

The first 3 months were ok until one day she got the urge real bad. So here we go again using. She relapsed. The day after she used her job asked her for a random urine, which of course would be dirty. As the days went by Gwen prepared herself for the news to leave. Just as she thought one day coming into work they called her in the office and told her to turn in all work supplies due to her drug screen. She went home and later told her friend what happened. Her friend did not feel sorry for her but told her that if she didn’t stop she would have to leave. Gwen a few weeks later found a job at the Westly College where she worked for about 4 years getting high on and off. This job has come to an end because once again she came up with a dirty urinalysis. Gwen and her friend had become distant because now all she would do is mope around the house feeling sorry for herself because she wouldn’t see that the problem was her.

The year is now 1999 and her and her friend had a big blow out and she asked Gwen to leave. Gwen left and came back to Baltimore to stay with her sister. Gwen looked for work and got a job at Kenney Krieger working with kids. It’s a shame to say that leaving work I still got high. Her sister said she could stay there in her house as long as she left the drugs alone which she didn’t. Until one day Gwen walks in the house to find her bags packed at the door. Her sister found at that not only was she still using but she had a stash of crack in her house. She would feel sick from time to time but ignored it. Now she is staying with an aunt who preach the same thing her sister did no getting high and no getting high in my house. She continued to smoke but her aunt really couldn’t tell she was high. It is now the year 2002 and she is in her aunt’s house feeling really bad to the point of telling her aunt to call 911.

During her stay at the hospital she finds out that she has kidney failure and she needs to begin on dialysis right away and will have to do 3 times a week. Her aunt does not want her back at her house because she realizes that Gwen needs help and she is an addict. After being in the hospital for about 3 weeks in a near death situation Gwen spoke to a social worker that helped her get settled at the YWCA. She did not like the fact that knowing she had to go to dialysis 3 times a week maybe for the rest of her life. The thought of drugs crossed her mind here and there but she knew that was the reason she was in this predicament now was because of the crack. Her body had changed I had to be very careful of with my eating and drinking habits. She has finally gotten use to going to dialysis and staying away from drugs and alcohol. She realized that she had lost many things but life was one thing she didn’t want to lose.

A year had passed at the YWCA and her counselor asked her if she was interested in housing at the Women’s Housing Coalition. She said yes of course I am. So here she is 3 years later still living at the Women’s Housing Coalition and doing her internship as the receptionist at the Bennett House. She believes in miracles because she is one.

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