WHC Rewards Incentive Program

You can help to encourage and inspire the residents of WHC to take control of their lives by recognizing their positive efforts and achievements. In the past year, we launched a beta-Rewards Incentive Program. It has been successful and moved from beta to a solid program offering for our residents. We are proud of residents who demonstrate exemplary performance and efforts that contribute to personal growth and success at WHC.
Residents are rewarded through a ticket system. Each month, residents with tickets can put them in a random monthly drawing. One to three winners are chosen each month depending on prize availability. Winners get to come to the prize closet to pick out their prize. Prizes are often donated by individuals in our WHC community. Prizes (new items) have included and/or could include: gift cards to department or grocery stores, household goods like lamps, electronics like a fitbit, art, gift certificate to a nail salon, etc. 
As a specialty program to recognize extraordinary behavior, the prizes are opportunities or things outside of basic needs. Our residents really like this program because they can get things that are often outside of their budgets, but make them feel both special and normal at the same time. If you’d like to donate something to the prize closet, please contact Alexandra Wykowski at AWykowski@WomensHousing.org 410-235-5782.
The following examples of behaviors and activities are recognized and rewarded: 
A. Above and Beyond 
  • Complete chores/tasks that are not required (ex. receptionist, chores, filling in for others)
  • Helping out another resident who may be ill or recovering from surgery 
B. Successful Completion of Programs or Trainings
  • Dental school, job readiness program, any formalized program
  • Earns Diploma (at any level high school, college etc.) 
C. Effort
  • Makes consistent effort to better one’s life by consistently taking advantage of WHC programming, community resources and delivery of services. 
D. Team Player/ Good citizenship 
  • Facilitates resident unity (spearheads house functions)
  • Consistently demonstrates good citizenship
E. Improvement
  • Resident improving in performance and accountability- one extreme to another 
  • Consistent effort toward self-improvement and or community improvement
F. Clean Time
  • Residents who remain clean for 6 months 
  • Residents who remain clean for 12 months 

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