Valentines and Friends School

Friends School of Baltimore (Lower School) Partners with WHC for Holidays: December and Valentines Day

One of the most important aspects of a Friends School education is adhering to the Quaker principles, the first of which is Service. Friends looks for ways to inculcate in our students a cheerful willingness to help, work with, and learn from others. We look for social service projects that can be real and meaningful to the children. Several years ago the Friends Meeting religious group contacted the third and fourth graders at Friends about joining them in working with the Women’s Housing Coalition. We were excited by the possibility because it was local, something that the children could readily understand and empathize with, and provided an immediate and practical need. In doing service, we try to follow the lead of organizations as to what services would best help them.

The children’s understanding and empathy has been greatly increased in recent years: we have been lucky enough to have the Development Manager of the WHC, Kristin Danielson, come out to talk with the children. This kicks off our campaign to collect toiletries that we then put in decorated bags to help celebrate the winter holidays. Having a real and personal connection means much more to the children than if we teachers simply talked about this. We encourage the children to do jobs to earn the money for the toiletries instead of simply asking their parents to pick the items up in the grocery store. We love hearing stories about children who empty their piggy banks or take out the trash in order to contribute.

We also look for projects and connections that may be ongoing instead of “one-shot deals.” We wanted to maintain our connection so, under the guidance of our art teacher, the children made Valentine cards for the residents. Beautifully decorated, they were blank so that the residents themselves could pass these along to loved ones. The children were very happy to maintain the connection and loved seeing the picture of their “satisfied customers” holding some of the Valentines. 

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Written by: Carol Sieck (Teacher at Friends School)

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